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The 88th Kano State Executive Council Sitting was held Today Wednesday 6th March, 2013 (24th Rabi’ul Thani, 1434 AH) under the Chairmanship of Governor Engr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, FNSE. Ten (10) MDAs submitted twenty eight (28) memoranda for deliberation by the Council. Fifteen (15) of the submitted memoranda were approved for execution with ten (10) of them having monetary implications to the tune of Two Hundred and Twenty Three Million, Six Hundred and Eighty Two Thousand, Three Hundred and Seventy Five Naira, One Kobo (N223,682,375.01) while the remaining five (5) were on policy issues as presented below:

Request for funds to facilitate the production of 1,000,000 seedlings:-
Since inception, this Administration has been doing everything to create the enabling environment that will empower its citizenry, whose major occupation is farming. The State has been the food basket of the nation and the leading centre of agricultural exports. However, with environmental degradation and encroaching desertification arise the need for the establishment of shelterbelts in the State. The belts are expected to contain and curtail desertification and provide the rural community with other economic activities through the harnessing of economic trees, such as gum Arabic. The long-term interest of this policy is to improve rural earning, encourage farming, and discourage rural to urban migration.

Kano Afforestation Project (KNAP), a parastatal of the Ministry of Environment was established to improve agricultural production and reduce threat of desertification in the State. This has been its major engagement and every support is being given by the Administration to the Agency to achieve such a laudable objective. Council recalled that in 2012 more than N10 million was released to the Agency to produce seedlings for afforestation program. The seedlings were produced for the reinvigoration of seven (7) shelter-belts, establishment of one plantation and distribution to interested individuals for farms and homestead planting.

The success of this program explains the present request by the Ministry of Environment for the need to produce one million (1,000,000) seedlings by the Agency. The seedlings are to be utilized in the establishment of the 8-Kilometer new Shelter-belt at Saye Village, reinvigoration of the existing 35- Kilometer Shelter-belts, 30 hectares of Industrial plantation of Gum Arabic and 30 hectares enrichment plantation scheme of deforested forest areas in the State.

This time around, the Ministry of Environment requested for the release of the sum of N9,875,000.00 to enable KNAP facilitate the production of yet another 1,000,000 units of seedlings for use as stated above.

Council approved the release of the requested sum of N9,875,000.00 to the Ministry of Environment to enable KNAP undertake the project of producing yet another 1,000,000 units of seedlings for use as stated.


Request for funds to enable the payment of compensation for properties affected in the course of upgrading/expansion of Sheikh Ja’afar Road:-

The contract awarded for the Construction of Sheikh Ja’afar Road was approved via Council resolution number SSCA/CA/EX/7/1/57 dated 8th March, 2012. This contract is amongst the major contracts awarded by this Administration for the opening up and expansion of Kano metropolitan roads worth over N40 billion. Amongst the roads under construction are the Hadejia Road, Zaria Road, and Gwarzo Road. These roads are the major access roads into and out of Kano metropolis.

Their upgrading from single lines to dual carriageways indicates Government commitment towards the improvement of communication/transportation and the modernization of the State. Improved road networks are critical to the modernization process of the State because of their direct impact on the social, political, and economic development. Such roads channel the flow of persons, commodities, and facilitate access to remote and new areas for future development in addition to reducing vehicular congestion. As Kano metropolis is facing facelift, the rural areas are not left unattended. Contracts for the construction of five (5) kilometer roads were awarded in each of the 44 Local Government Areas worth around N80 billion.

In the process of construction and expansion of these roads, private individuals or public facilities or structures are affected either for relocation or for compensation. This explains the basis behind the contents of this memorandum. The Ministry of Land and Physical Planning, KNUPDA and the Water Board have identified some structures to demolish in order to relocate and lay public water supply pipelines. The structures identified include storied dwelling/shops and a mosque on the right hand side of Bayero University Old Site fence, which are assessed and valued at the total sum of N29,667,605.00. The Ministry of Land and Physical Planning requested for the release of the sum of N29,667,605.00 to enable the payment of the compensation for the demolished structures mentioned.

The request was approved by the Council to ensure the completion of the project according to schedule.

Request for funds to enable the purchase of a private House (Building) adjacent to the one donated to the Ministry of Education at Koki quarters, Municipal Local Government Area for the establishment of a Junior Secondary school:-

If there is any Administration that gives education the attention it deserves in Nigeria of yesterday and today is the present administration of Eng. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. The only State Government sponsored over 500 postgraduate students to study overseas, 100 graduates to study piloting in Jordan and sponsored 100 students to study medicine and another 100 to study Pharmacy overseas. The Government also established the Northwest University, which is now in session after admitting 1000 students. Citizens may recall that, Eng. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was the person who established the Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil during his first term. In the same vein, over N5 billion was expended on the construction of classrooms, staff quarters and the provision of laboratory equipment and instructional materials to the schools. Through these, the Administration is setting up a stage for the development of human capital in the State. The State youths being trained in and outside the State in particular and the country in general will develop engineering, medical, legal and/or other specialized skills thereby increasing their capacities to contribute to the gross national product. Thus, the Nigerian societies will benefit in the end from their education. It is true to say that it is very difficult to identify, quantify and measure the benefits of this Administration’s policy on education.

In addition to these efforts, Government has been encouraging private individuals to contribute their quota towards the development of education in the State. Seeing what has been happening in the State, individuals such as Aliko Dangote, have been encouraged to support the Government in executing its laudable education program. This was the basis of this memorandum. Council was notified by the Ministry of Education, through contents of this memorandum, that a Philanthropist, Alhaji Sa’idu Muhammad Koki has donated a house (building) to the Ministry of Education for conversion into a Junior Secondary School at Koki Quarters, Municipal LGCA.

On inspection during the handing over exercise, it was established that the donated building (house) would not accommodate a School, which made the Ministry of Education to recommend for the purchase of the house (building) adjacent to the donated one to enable the establishment of a standard Junior Secondary School.

The sum of N9,200,000.00 was requested for release to enable the purchase of the adjacent house by the Ministry of Education to actualize the purpose intended.
Approval was granted for the release of the requested sum of N9,200,000.00 to the Ministry of Education, as verified by the Ministry of Land and Physical Planning, to purchase the house stated for the purpose presented.

Council was gratified by the gesture of the philanthropist and call on people of goodwill to emulate.

Request for funds to facilitate furnishing/equipping of New School of Health Technology, Bebeji:-
This Administration realizes that the major problems of healthcare delivery services are those of lack of healthcare personnel and the efficiency in the supply of health services to the teeming populace. In trying to tackle these problems, this Administration has approved and established new School of Nursing at Madobi, School of Midwifery at Gezawa, and School of Health Technology at Bebeji to train healthcare personnel to complement the existing ones that are incapable of admitting hundreds of youths seeking admission. The development so far achieved towards the establishment of these Health Institutions led to the reason behind the submission of this memorandum.

Contents of this memorandum referred Council to the approval granted for the construction of Administration Block, Demonstration/Laboratory Block and Electricity Generator room at the site of the new School of Health Technology, Bebeji to the tune of N49,905,898.64. The approval was granted via Council Extract Number SSCA/CA/EX/13/1/29 dated 23rd February, 2012.

The work has been satisfactorily completed awaiting provision of furniture, equipment and landscaping to enable the immediate take-off of academic programs at the Institution within the 2012/2013 Academic Session. So, the Ministry of Health requested for the release of the sum of N52,246,268.16 by the Council to facilitate the provision of furniture, equipment and landscaping at the site of the new School of Health Technology, Bebeji. Thus;
SN Items Amount (N)
i. Landscaping works 19,770,096.00
ii. Equipping/Furnishing of Administrative Block 7,815,910.00
iii. Equipping/Furnishing of Female Hostel 5,490,334.91
iv. Equipping/Furnishing of Classroom Block 5,294,700.00
v. Equipping of Practical/Demonstration room 4,039,925.00
vi. Laboratory Equipment/Instruments/Reagents 4,201,174.32
vii. Equipment/Furnishing of School Clinic 3,634,127.93
viii. Pre-Accreditation/Accreditation 2,000,000.00
Total 52,246,268.16

Council noted, considered and approved the release of the requested sum of N52,246,268.16 to the Ministry of Health to execute the stated purpose so as to actualize the immediate take-off of the new School of Health Technology, Bebeji.


This Office submitted sixteen (16) memoranda on behalf of some MDAs for deliberation by the Council. Four (4) of them were approved for execution as follows;
a. Request for funds to facilitate the purchase of one unit each of brand New Sunny Excavator 310 and a Pay-loader 2L 50f for use by Kano Urban Planning and Development Authority (KNUPDA):-

KNUPDA is the agency reposed with the responsibilities for urban planning and development. Executing these, responsibilities require the procurement of modern earth moving machines for road constructions, drainage excavation, and demolishing of illegal structures amongst others. The struggle of this Administration towards the modernization of Kano State led to the provision of equipment worth over N200 million to the Agency since inception. Kano metropolis is now wearing a new face due to the commitment of this Government in seeing that the State Capital becomes a modern city worth emulating. This memorandum was also for the procurement of working equipment by the Agency.

Council noted, considered and approved the release of the sum of N57,400,000.00 to the Office of the Secretary to the State Government to procure and allocate one brand new Sunny Excavator 310 and a Pay-Loader 2L 50F to KNUPDA for use in the delivery of its services.

b. Presentation on “Waste to Fuel” as proposed by Affordable Energy Solutions Ltd:-
The State Ministry of Science and Technology along with that of the Ministry of Environment were directed to study a proposal submitted by Affordable Energy Solutions Ltd on “Waste to Fuel” for which details were presented. The two Ministries studied the proposal and submitted their findings for Council’s consideration. The Company claims to have developed a prototype machine capable of converting waste plastics and other related materials to fuel. The company also stated that:
i. The machine can process at least 5 tons of waste plastics per day.
ii. A ton of processed waste plastic will produce 600-900 litres of fuel.
iii. The Company requires financial support to the tune of N60,000,000.00 to develop the technology in collaboration with the Ministries of Science and Technology and that of Environment.
Council appreciated the presentation and directed the Ministry of Science and Technology to invite the Company to assess the viability, maintenance and reliability of the machine, discuss the grey areas inherent in the design of the machine and establish sustainability of source of material to be supplied to the Company. The decision of the Council was because waste contains resources that are usable in the production of goods and services such as the generation of electricity. This proposition by the company may be economically beneficial and may open up other possibilities. In fact, the metropolitan centers are presently facing huge refuse of waste from production and consumption of finished products. Recycling this waste will be of great interest to the State.


c. Request for funds to facilitate the procurement and allocation of 18-Seater Bus to the Office of the Special Adviser on Metropolitan Affairs:-
The Office of the Special Adviser on Metropolitan Affairs requested for the allocation of 18-Seater Bus through the Office of the Secretary to the State Government. This will be used as an official vehicle to facilitate easy movement/shuttle in coordinating/monitoring activities on the training of 10,000 butchers selected from the 44 LGCAs as approved by the Executive Council.
Council agreed on the relevance of the request and approved the release of the sum of N7,500,000.00 to the Office of the Secretary to the State Government to purchase and allocate a Toyota Hiace 18-Seater Bus to the Office of the Special Adviser on Metropolitan Affairs.
d. Presentation on a report submitted by the Kano Renaissance Think-Tank (KRTT):-
The Office of the Secretary to the State Government presented/introduced the Kano Renaissance Think-Tank (KRTT) as a Committee composing public spirited individuals who have the conviction and sense of responsibility of identifying the challenges facing Northern Nigeria. The individuals in the Committee are professionals in their respective fields of endeavours.
Council was further intimated of the fact that the KRTT selected Kano as a case study due largely to its cosmopolitan nature and leading role in the socio-economic development of Northern Nigeria in particular and the Country in general. As such, the suggestions and solutions of meeting identified challenges for Kano State are therefore adjudged applicable, with some modifications therein, to other States in the North.

The report submitted by the KRTT Committee evaluated the problems of development facing Kano State in four areas-education, energy, healthcare and public transportation. The current situation in these major sectors was analyzed, problems identified and solutions/recommendations for rectitude made phase one of which is summarized as follows;
i. Establishment of an Independent Curriculum review Committee to oversee all issues relating to the periodic review, modernization and implementation of educational curriculum in Schools.
ii. Establishment of Teachers Quality Assurance Board and Teachers’ Code of Conduct Board to handle matters relating to the hiring, training and retention of quality Teachers as well as setting up of highest Standards of ethics in the educational system.
iii. Imbibing the Culture of research excellence in our highest Institutions of learning by way of creating and funding centers of excellence in some key areas relating to socio-economic needs of the State.
iv. Establishment of an Independent Kano Electricity Company
v. Formation of Kano Electricity Regulatory Commission
vi. Fostering closer strategic partnership with Niger Republic in the area of gas supply.
vii. Exploring and setting up Research Centers for alternative forms of energy.
viii. Establishment of World-Class Medical Center and Diagnosis Center in the State.
ix. Facilitate regular media coverage of State-owned Hospitals by Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.
x. Introduction of courses in Medical Health related disciplines by Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST), Wudil and Northwest University, Kano.
xi. Formation of Road Network Maintenance Board.
xii. Creation of Kano Mass Transit Authority to oversee the development of a modern “State of the art” Public Transportation System (which include double decker buses, metered taxi cabs and light rail transportation system.
xiii. Designing and managing effective vehicle registration as well as licensing system.
Council appreciated the presentation and agreed that some of the suggestions either were identified by the Government and are being implemented or are in the pipelines for implementation. Nevertheless, MDAs are directed to peruse suggestion(s) relevant to their organizations and apply. This Administration is eager to receive viable suggestions from either individuals or organizations that will be of assistance in the development of the State. Already, suggestion boxes are stationed in strategic places such as the Local Government Headquarters and the Offices of the District/Village Heads for the use of individuals desirous of submitting their suggestions and recommendation.
e. Presentation on the allocation of 180 metric tons of agricultural lime to Kano State by the Office of the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development:-
The Office of the Secretary to the State Government presented the actual allocation letter from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources involving 180 metric tons of agricultural lime. Specifically, the allocation was said to be in line with the on-going reform in the Agricultural Sector under Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA). The lime was allocated to Kano State so as to enhance productive capacity of the abundant agricultural land available in the State.
Further, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development communicated that;
i. In order to rehabilitate the degraded agricultural soils caused by acidity, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development intends to liaise with KNARDA and establish Pilot Demonstrative Farms in some selected areas of the State. This is in response to the demand to improve farmers’ livelihood and ensure food security through rehabilitation of some affected areas.
ii. Also, the Train the Trainers (TOT) Technology will be scaled up to ensure proper adoption and sustainability among farmers in the targeted communities.
iii. Emphasis is placed on the creation of awareness to farmers and Extension Agents, which leads to opening up of more land for Agricultural production, generation of income and creating of job opportunities for the teeming youths.
Council appreciatively acknowledged the presentation and directed the Hon. Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources to prepare and submit a comprehensive sharing formula for use in the distribution of the fertilizer stated.
f. Presentation on Awards by the Governor Engr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, FNSE to Players and Athletes and request for the release of the pledged Cash Reward:-
The Ministry of Information, Internal Affairs, Youths, Sports and Culture submitted a reminder letter through the Office of the Secretary to the State Government on the pledged Cash reward made to players and athletes for winning laurels for the State during a reception held in their honour at the Government House on 6th October, 2012. The sum of money pledged was to the tune of N7,800,000.00 to be disbursed to forty six (46) people, thus;
SN Beneficiaries The Pledges Amount (N)
i. 15 Kano Pillars Basketball Players
7 Technical Crew/Officials N250,000 each x 15
N100,000 x 7 3,750,000.00
ii. 12 Para Soccer Players
3 Officials N150,000 each x 12
N100,000 each x 3 1,800,000.00
iii. 7 Scrabble Players
2 Officials N150,000 each x 7
N100,000 each x 2 1,050,000.00
Total 7,800,000.00

Release of the pledged sum of N7,800,000.00 was approved by the Council to the Office of the Secretary to the State Government for onward payment to the Ministry of Information, Internal Affairs, Youths, Sports and Culture for disbursement to the 46 beneficiaries as presented. The gesture was in cognizance of the fantastic performances of the beneficiaries and the good name they bring to the State.


Request for funds to facilitate civil works on sample wind turbines installed for irrigation at Pada Dam in Gwarzo LGCA:-

A Company called the New Era Energy, introduced to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, a new technology that utilizes wind energy for pumping water for irrigation purposes. The fact that wind blows all year round in Kano, the technology enables utilization of free energy for irrigation. In the long run, this more than compensates for the initial cost of installation as it makes recovery of investment within two (2) years possible. Confident in the suitability of the technology to the type of agricultural techniques utilized in Kano State, the Company offered to install a free sample to demonstrate the applicability of wind turbines for surface water pumping for irrigation. Indeed, the sample installed has already been commissioned on 1st April, 2012 and only awaits civil works for surface irrigation so as to commence farming.
In any case, the civil works is to be borne by the State Government for which the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources requested for the release of the aggregate sum of N4,895,000.00 to facilitate the surface water irrigation civil works at the sample wind turbines installed at Pada Dam in Gwarzo Local Government.
Approval was granted as requested by the Council to enable the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources ascertain the applicability of the sample wind turbine installed at Pada Dam Gwarzo Local Government.

Presentation on the formalization of the appointment of temporary staff of the Kano State Pension Fund Trustees:-
The Honorable Commissioner for Finance submitted a report on behalf of the 3-Member Committee mandated to look into the issue of formalization of the appointment of seventeen (17) temporary Staff of the Pension Fund Trustees to permanent and pensionable. The Committee comprised the Head of Civil Service, the Accountant General and the Honourable Commissioner for Finance.
Notably, the Committee submitted the following summary on the 17 people affected;
i. Two (2) NCE holders among the Staff though found hardworking and dedicated to work were recommended for formalization and deployment to KSSMB where their services are suitably required.
ii. Eight (8) National Diploma holders were recommended for formalization and retention by the Pension Fund Trustees.
iii. One (1) National Diploma holder was disqualified for formalization due to his weakness in the discharge of duties assigned to him.
iv. Two (2) SSCE holders were recommended for formalization and retention by the Pension Fund Trustees.
v. Four (4) Primary School Certificate holders recommended for formalization and retention by the Pension Fund Trustees.
This brought the number of staff recommended for formalization to sixteen (16), which Council considered and approved.

Presentation on report on the construction of Diggol-Dausayawa road in Dambatta LGCA:-
The Honorable Commissioner for Works, Housing and Transport reminded Council, through the contents of this memorandum, of the construction of farm access road at the site mentioned above by Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP) under KNARDA.
Reflectively, the Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport was instructed to inspect the project and report back on findings at the site. The site was visited and the following observations were made.
• The road is 3.5 Kilometers long and starts from a junction on Dambatta-Diggol-Gwada road and link to Dausayawa settlement.
• There are indications of farming activities in the area.
• The project has been completed.
Nevertheless, the contractor was directed to make good all the defects observed within the defect liability period pending settlement of the retention money. The Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport requested for the release of the sum of N40,430,898.85 by the Council to enable settlement of Final Certificate submitted by the contractor.
Council noted, considered and approved the release of the requested sum of N40,430,898.85 to the Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport to effect payment of the final claim submitted by the contractor that executed the project.

Council acknowledged the successful conduct of the monthly sanitation exercise held on Saturday 02-03-2013 in the State and extended its gratitude to all stakeholders and the public for their untiring support to ensure clean and healthy environment.

Council expressed its delight on the safe return of his Highness, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Dr. Ado Bayero from a medical treatment to the United Kingdom as a result of the unfortunate attack on his convoy by some unknown gunmen.

Council acknowledged the flag-off of the Kano State Secondary Schools Sports Competition and distribution of 370 footballs on Monday 04/3/2013. Declaration of Government support to resuscitate sports and also ensure its revival across all the Secondary Schools in the State and also create an avenue where students will excel in sporting activities was reinstated.

Council acknowledged the issuing of car loan cheques to teachers on Tuesday, 5/3/2013, which is in tandem with the desire of the present Administration to improve the welfare and lives of the teachers by providing them with car loans to ease transport difficulty. Council also recalled its approval for the release of another N100 million for the teachers’ vehicle loan scheme.

Council acknowledged and appreciated the graduation of 400 Youths of Farm Mechanization Institute, Bagauda. This was considered a laudable legacy of the present administration.

Today, Council acknowledged the graduation of 126 youths of Livestock Institute, Bagauda and the graduation of 150 women trainees from a 3-Day W

orkshop held in collaboration with Bayero University, Kano State Government and other Agencies.

Council witnessed the presentation of an award to His Excellency the Governor by the National Association of Small Scale Industries (NASSI), which was presented by the National President, Chief Chukwu Nwachukwu for his tremendous support in developing Small-Scale Enterprises. His Excellency was identified as “the Most Entrepreneur Friendly Governor in Nigeria’’.

Council witnessed the presentation of an award to Governor Engr. Rabi’u Kwankwaso, FNSE by the National Association of Northern Nigerian Students, which was presented by the President, Comrade Musa Usman as the ‘’Best Performing Governor for the Educational Sector in Northern Nigeria’’. This was attributed to the viable legacies and achievements recorded by the present administration towards improving and reviving the Educational Sector.

Council witnessed the presentation of donation by the Federal Government to the victims and families of the polio vaccinators who were attacked by unknown gunmen during the D7 Polio mop-up exercise. During the attack, ten (10) people lost their lives and four (4) others were injured. The Federal Government donated the sum of N1,000,000.00 each to the families of the deceased and N200,000 each to those who were injured in the unfortunate incidence. This is in addition to the earlier donation made by Kano State Government and Dangote Groups.

Council endorsed the under listed phone numbers submitted by the security agents for easy access in case of any emergency on the metropolitan roads. Accordingly, the public may easily contact KAROTA for: Breakdown of Vehicle, Traffic Congestion, Accident, Illegal / Wrong Parking through the following numbers on – 08091626747. Similarly, the State Police Command could be contacted on – 08032419754, 08123821575. In addition, the State Fire Service may also be contacted on – 07051246833, 08191778888 for the public to note and make use of it.